Innovative Technology

Fairmont Village is committed to innovation. We have invested in an impactful change to the environment through circadian rhythm lighting systems. We are the first assisted living in Arizona to install this lighting system.

The environmental change is one of the few factors that can impact quality of life for residents experiencing change without the use of medications. People with cognitive impairment are impacted by changes in their circadian rhythms or the body’s internal system that helps to understand when it is day and night as well as regulating sleep, and temperature. By having a system that emulates the lighting we hope to minimize the effects of sundowning and investing in maximizing our bodies natural systems.

The Benefits of Circadian Lighting

Lighting designers are able to leverage data on how the average human body reacts to create a lighting system that understands what kind of light person needs to perform at the optimum levels on an hour to hour basis. Just like a healthy diet, if we feed the body what it needs it will perform better.

  • Increased alertness in the morning
  • Productivity and concentration improvements
  • Improved mood
  • Reduced hyperactivity
  • Reduction in errors and accidents
  • Faster cognitive processing
  • Improved sleep

A Normal Healthy Circadian Day

Fairmont Village A Normal Healthy Circadian Day Timeclock Graphic (From iStockphoto).

Below are some articles to help educate on how light therapy helps.

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